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A very powerful and feature rich download manager for Linux/UNIX operating systems

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uGet is an open source graphical software that provides users with a lightweight and low on resources download manager utility for Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Features at a glance

The application’s main features are download queue, download resume, advanced download categories, clipboard monitor, batch downloads, support for multiple connections, FTP login and anonymous FTP support, download scheduler.

Additionally, it can be integrated into the Mozilla Firefox web browser via the FlashGot extension, provides a quiet mode, robust keyboard shortcuts, CLI/Terminal usage support, folder auto-creation, download history management, multi-language support, Aria2 plugin, and the ability to shutdown the computer when the downloads are finished.

Features a familiar user interface

It features a familiar user interface, written in GTK+, that is very similar to the one of the uTorrent BitTorrent client. It’s comprised of a Category sidebar, a summary section, and the main section, where it displays the currently downloading files. The Category sidebar features only the Home category, which includes Active, Queuing, Finished and Recycled sections. However, users can add new categories from the Category menu.

When adding a new download, the application will provide users with numerous options, such as where to save the file, add referrers, authentication, set the download status (paused or active), set retry limit and delay, add proxy, add a custom cookie or post file, change user agent, set maximum upload and download speeds, and enable or disable retrieving of timespace.

Designed for GNOME

Though it was designed for the GNOME desktop environment, uGet can also be used as any other standalone application on various open source window managers, where GTK+ is installed, including KDE, Xfce, LXDE, Openbox, Fluxbox or Enlightenment.

Bottom line

If you download many files on a daily basis and you have finally decided that a download manager is required for your tasks, please give uGet a try today. Who knows, it may become your favorite app!

uGet was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on May 2nd, 2015
uGet - The main window, where users can add, remove or organize downloads
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