TracCaptcha 0.3.1

Pluggable captcha infrastructure for Trac with reCAPTCHA included

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What's new in TracCaptcha 0.3.1:

  • Add config option to omit noscript section for recaptcha to enforce Javascript support for users.
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MIT/X Consortium License 
Felix Schwarz
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
TracCaptcha is a plugin for Trac to embed a captcha in the ticket page in addition to Trac's regular permission checks so that spammers are kept out.

"It just works": Installation and configuration is very simple, just install the egg and put two configuration options in your trac.ini. No database changes required.

Batteries included: The popular reCAPTCHA system is supported out of the box. Technically it's a plugin - if you don't like it you're free to use any other plugin while still leverage the benefits from the general captcha infrastructure.

Does not annoy users: After the user entered the captcha once, he does not have to solve the captcha again for the same ticket when he just clicks 'preview'. Also you can configure exempt certain users or groups (e.g. 'all authenticated users') from the captchas just by using Trac's permission system.

Easy to extend: Protecting an additional page with a captcha is very simple. Implementing captchas for the ticket module took only 20 lines of code! Captchas for the DiscussionPlugin needed 21 lines of code!

Easy to write custom captchas: If you don't like reCAPTCHA, you can still use the generic infrastructure with all its features: You implement the code to generate the captcha and validate the user's input. TracCaptcha will take care of displaying your plugin in all supported pages!

Last updated on March 31st, 2011


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