TracAnnouncer 0.12.1

Flexible notifications for Trac

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BSD License 
Robert Corsaro
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TracAnnouncer is a Trac plugin that provides an alternative notification system, that can be used to completely replace the default TracNotification.

Improve users Trac experience.

With growing number of both tickets and wiki pages, keeping yourself up-to-date on recent changes is a time consuming task and easy to miss some important information. The bigger your Trac application and user base, the more important is a flexible announcement system. At the very least, it will allow users to receive notices about attachments, and to opt-out from receiving messages due to the always_notify_(owner|reporter|updater) options. AnnouncerPlugin has wiki subscription capabilities [1] and provides each registered user with a large set of options to adapt change notifications to individual demand.

Get room for promising development

AnnouncerPlugin is as modular as Trac itself. It's easy to add new capabilities to the framework, i.e. see WatchlistPlugin for easy per-wiki-page announcement registration and one-click ticket subscriptions challenging Trac's classic Cc ticket field. AnnouncerPlugin is meant to be agnostic to what is being watched, where you should send something (email, IRC, jabber, ...), and what format it should look at, so blog support is barely the beginning. It has still a lot more possibilities to discover. The full system (in the not-too-distant-future) will allow users to 'subscribe' to certain events by specifying simple yet powerful rules, such as asking to receive an announcement for any change that involves a ticket with a priority greater then 'high'. AnnouncerPlugin is meant to be ''the future of TracNotification''.

Secure your knowledge

While sharing all knowledge is a great idea in a perfect world, real-world businesses commonly rely on tight informational restrictions, that customers can rely on. In professional communication cryptographically signed and encrypted email is essential. AnnouncerPlugin will become a building block of this new Trusted Trac information management. It's OpenPGP support is already on the way.

Last updated on September 15th, 2010


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