Toes Online 0.4.1

Toes Online provides a member administration system.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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André Offringa
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Toes Online provides a member administration system.

Toes Online is a web-based person registration and management system licensed under GPL, which can be used by organisations to registrate their members, employees, volunteers or others in an easy and efficient manner. It is a powerful web almanak and member directory with many features, including e-mailing, grouping and financial tools, with much focus on security and easy usage.

It was written for a non-profit organisation and is therefore a little bit specialized for organisations that are (like) non-profit organisations. However, since the system is very general and very customizable, it can be used for a variety of other things.

Here are some key features of "Toes Online":

· Maintain a list of the members of your organisation, consisting of name, address, telephone numbers birthday, ... etc.
· Group persons in a user defined way. You can e.g. create a complex hierarchical group structure
· Search through all data.
· Registrate events and participants of these events.
· Send mail to all members, or to members of a group, event or other selection. You can also send mails to let people check their data, send mail with a personal header and send automated mail based on certain systemevents.
· A highly customizable system of access rights allows members of your organisation to create an account and log in without showing them personal data that they should not see and disallow them to edit information.
· A calendar showing upcoming activities and birthdays.
· You are able to see change logs for every change of data. You can for example ask the system "when did Andr move?"
· Toes Online is also able to store information about courses, lessons, trainings or workshops that your organisation might provide.
· The system has a well tested, stable method for updating the database in case of new versions of the software, without having to lose any data. Upgrading is just a matter of replacing the old files and after the admin logs in, following the instructions.
· Other things that can be registered are alumni members of your organisation, locations that your organisation uses, contact persons of your organisations, donations, committees, the board of your organisation and their individual functions within the organisation, functions within committees and many, many other things.
· Management of pictures of persons, locations, committees, etc.
· Import and export data from and to fileformats that Excel and OpenOffice can understand.


· A .NET 2.0 webserver, like Apache with Mono or the Microsoft .NET server.
· You will need MySQL as database server.
· The Toes Online-binaries, which you can get from a precompiled binary package from our website or you can compile them yourself from the sources.

Last updated on March 30th, 2007

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