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A server-side RSS feed aggregator written in PHP and designed for Linux systems.

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Tiny Tiny RSS is an open source and free server-side RSS feed aggregator that does exactly the same job like ownCloud does for cloud storage services, but for web feeds. If you're tired of RSS programs like Liferea, Straw or Blam!, you can now make your very own RSS feed aggregator with Tiny Tiny RSS, in just a few minutes.

Supports RSS and Atom feeds

With its user-friendly interface, Tiny Tiny RSS keeps your feeds in sync between different machines, providing real-time updates, and support for both Atom and RSS feeds. Users will be able to organize feeds in categories, as well as to import feeds from an OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) file, which can be exported from many popular desktop RSS aggregator applications.

From its Preferences panel, you can set a wide range of functions, such as the default feed update interval, the timezone, support for duplicate articles, support for external clients, or purge of articles after a specified number of days.

Under the hood

We don’t have to look under the hood of the Tiny Tiny RSS project to know that this web-based application is written with various modern web technologies, including the powerful PHP server-side programming language. It is also heavily based on XmlHttpRequest.

It’s independent of a computer operating system

Being a web-based app, Tiny Tiny RSS is independent of a computer operating system. Of course, this means that all you need to access it is a web browser running on either a GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, BSD, Solaris or Mac OS X operating system.

Tiny Tiny RSS can also be accessed via a mobile application. In our research, we’ve found that there are several mobile apps that can connect to a Tiny Tiny RSS server and retrieve the RSS feeds and news categories, supporting Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

Tiny Tiny RSS was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on January 22nd, 2015
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