Tigermouse DR1.6

Tigermouse is a modern web applications framework for PHP.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
Michał Słaby
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
Tigermouse is a modern web applications framework for PHP. It relies on AJAX technology, so in pair with being lightweight enables you to build dynamic, responsive and interactive web applications.

It is well suited for enterprise-grade tasks because of its strong commitment to server-side business logic processing. Tigermouse does not require any Javascript coding, so you can focus on your application core logic instead of tinkering in UI.

Here are some key features of "Tigermouse":

full native AJAX support
MVC architecture
pluggable input/output filters
AJAX requests queuing and expiring
powerful ActiveRecord implementation
SWT or GTK-like user interface implementation
extensible i18n support
native support for Smarty templates

What's New in This Release:

RequestSetupFilter fixes (corrupt FormContexts, 0 confused with empty string) [Antoine Choppin]
Window wrapper size fixes (horizontal, vertical in IE) [Antoine Choppin]
Release map builder in autobuild.php script [Michał Słaby]
one-to-one relations removed from ActiveRecord [Michał Słaby]
SQLDataSource constructor change, DBAdapter parameter optional [Michał Słaby]
Javascript base64 encoding workaround [Antoine Choppin]
Quotes bug fixed in Form valueReader() [Antoine Choppin]
Quotes handling in views [Antoine Choppin, Michał Słaby]
update() handler rewrite [Bill, Michał Słaby]
MySQLDialect added and quotes handling in dialects and Active Record [Michał Słaby]
release.map builder for Update Assistant [Michał Słaby]
PDOAdapter strict boolean checking [Antoine Choppin]
Theming documentation added [Michał Słaby]
Translation subsystem [Michał Słaby]
in-template i18n function [Michał Słaby]
new StopTypingListener added [Michał Słaby]
SynCron periodical and/or delayed execution manager [Michał Słaby]
TableGateway database access using ArrayAccess interface [Michał Słaby]

Last updated on November 12th, 2007

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