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The Magic Notebook lets you keep and organize notes.




The Magic Notebook lets you keep and organize notes.

These notes can be almost anything--projects, contact information, to do lists, books to read, and assorted other things--and are available to you anywhere there's a networked computer.

If you use it, you may find other uses as well.



The setup procedure is slightly different depending on whether you want to install a new copy of Magic Notebook, or upgrade an existing one.

* If you have not installed Magic Notebook before, run
"./install" and answer the questions provided. This will run
a simplified Unix install script and should create
a working, out-of-the-box installation when supplied
appropriate values.

* See USAGE below if you need help using Magic Notebook.

* The install script is not meant to fully customize Magic Notebook, only to get it running. See Customization below for further information on how to adjust Snippets to meet your needs.

* Security-conscious administrators should read Security


The configuration file at /usr/lib/MagicNotebook/general/config is well-commented and can be adjusted to control how the script works.

/usr/lib/MagicNotebook/general/logout is displayed when a person logs out, and may be customized to your needs.

The account initially given password change_me_7635 is a special account in that it has a page of administrative controls. Many of these controls should explain themselves, but there are some non-obvious ways to use them.

The beginning and ending of a page are read from /usr/lib/MagicNotebook/general/header and /usr/lib/MagicNotebook/general/footer respectively. Editing those files provides a powerful way to customize the script.

The images used for buttons and for backgrounds are found in
< the public $programMode HTML directory > and may be replaced with images tailored to your site's needs.


The present release of Magic Notebook has not been closely scrutinized for security, and should be treated as such by security-conscious administrators. If you examine the code and discover a vulnerability that could compromise the server, please contact the author. The script is intended to have light security and not to compromise a server, but it is not intended to store credit card numbers or other sensitive information.

The default installation sets /usr/lib/MagicNotebook and contents to mode 777. Administrators are encouraged to set directory and contents to mode 700, owned by the effective user ID that CGI scripts will be running under. This is usually apache or nobody.


Magic Notebook is designed to be run as a straightforward web application, with much administrative activity performed on-web.

Rather than trying to explain how to use it, I simply encourage you to explore.
Last updated on February 23rd, 2007
The Magic NotebookThe Magic NotebookThe Magic Notebook

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