The Data Mine 2.0

A search engine designed to give users an unusually powerful interface

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Jonathan Hayward
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
The Data Mine is a search engine designed to give users an unusually powerful interface. It is designed around human-computer intelligent interaction (making the computer a tool so humans can use their intelligence).

The project divides the screen into two halves: one lets you find all the instances of your query's keywords, and the other lets you look through a highlighted version of the results you choose.



To install, run "./install" and answer the questions provided. This will run a Unix-flavor install-style script and should create a working, out-of-the-box installation when supplied appropriate values.

See USAGE below if are curions about how to use the Data Mine.

Setup and Customization

The Configure link at the bottom of the Data Mine search page provides a menu you can use to customize the data mine.

The main engine is intended for anyone to be able to use; the setup pages are written for techies. If you aren't sure what a regular expression is, for instance, ask someone who's more technical.


The present release of the Data Mine has not been closely scrutinized for security, and should be treated as such by security-conscious administrators. If you discover a vulnerability, please contact the author.

You are strongly encouraged to change the password in /usr/share/datamine/password.

The default installation sets /usr/share/datamine and contents to a relatively permissive mode. Administrators are encouraged to set directory and contents to mode 700, owned by the effective user ID that CGI scripts will be running under. This is usually apache or nobody.


The Data Mine is designed to be run as a straightforward web application, with much administrative activity performed on-web.

Once it is set up via the Configure link, just explore.

http://[your hostname]/cgi-bin/datamine

(That is the location provided by RPM installation and the default for the provided installer. The provided installer allows you to specify another location; if you specified another location, substitute that for "/cgi-bin/furball".)

Last updated on May 14th, 2010

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