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A cross-platform software that allows people to speak with one another over the Internet

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TeamSpeak is a free and scalable application that provides users with a free and cross-platform solution for communicating with one another over the Internet. It is comprised of both a server and client software.

Features at a glance

It introduces new features like improved voice quality and latency, stunning 3D sound effects, powerful permissions system, improved security and privacy, support for friends and foes, firewall friendly file transfers, and an improved licensing system.

The program features some sort of addressbook that allows users to mark their contacts as friends, neutral or foes. You can add bookmarks for favorite TeamSpeak servers, set away messages, change your nickname, set an avatar, view connection information, or use privilege keys.

An interesting aspect of this application is the fact that it is mostly used by gaming communities to speak about their gaming sessions and new releases/patches, or to have some fun time with their friends.

Getting started with TeamSpeak

When running the application for the first time, you will have to go through the entire initial setup process, which allows users to choose a nickname, configure microphone settings (voice activated or push-to-talk), test the mic, set up useful keybindings, and select a sound pack (female or male).

Once the initial setup process is finalized, you’ll have access to various TeamSpeak servers based on your country, which will be automatically detected based on your IP address, so you can easily communicate with your friends over the Internet.

Supported operating systems

It runs on Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X computer operating systems, as well as on the Android and iOS mobile platforms. Compared with the previous version, TeamSpeak3 is now more featureful and portable.

During our tests, we did not found any issues with the TeamSpeak application, which appears to be extremely popular among gaming communities. It can be easily installed from the default software repositories of your Linux distribution.

TeamSpeak 3 was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on November 8th, 2014
TeamSpeak 3TeamSpeak 3TeamSpeak 3

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