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Tango mobile web optimization framework




Tango can pre-process web content from a variety of sources, one Python script at a time.

Tango is a web framework for content middleware, great for respinning content for mobile web sites or repurposing upstream data (no matter how messy) for new and improved APIs, built with Python and Flask.


Tango targets users who are:

- application developers who need a clean JSON feed from upstream sources.
- backend developers who have to reuse data from the wild.
- template developers who implement mobile website designs.
- client developers who'd like to manage their own templates.

Tango supports activities of:

- developing templates in a sandbox environment.
- sourcing site data from a mashup of sources, and building tools without any concern for request/response details.

Tango completely separates site content from it's templates. Template developers work in a templates directory with pure Jinja2 templates and a static directory for assets, including but not limited to images, CSS, and JavaScript. Backend developers work in a site stash package or module which declaratively exports content into template contexts for given routes. These stash module are pure Python scripts with structured yaml metadata in module docstring.

The templates, static assets, and stash modules are discovered and integrated by the Tango core with the help of config.py and headers written in yaml.

See existing sites and examples for more detail.
Last updated on August 27th, 2012

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