TYPOlight webCMS 2.8.2 / 2.9 Beta 1

TYPOlight webCMS is a powerful web content management system.

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What's new in TYPOlight webCMS 2.8.1:

  • The maintenance release includes some important fixes for the new comments module (access control and BBCode parser), the improved calendar and event list navigation and the file manager (FancyUpload and thumbnail generation).
  • Improved group management:
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Leo Feyer
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TYPOlight webCMSTYPOlight webCMSTYPOlight webCMS
TYPOlight webCMS is a powerful web content management system that specializes in accessibility (backend and frontend) and uses XHTML and CSS to generate W3C/WAI compliant pages.


� A growing number of countries around the world have introduced legislation which either directly addresses the need for websites to be accessible to people with disabilities, or which addresses the more general requirement for people with disabilities not to be discriminated against. Nevertheless, most of the existing systems do not have an accessible administration area and if at all confine themselves to building accessible frontend pages! TYPOlight, however, does not treat accessibility as just an additional feature and is 100% accessible (frontend and backend).

Live update

� A common disadvantage of many applications is their release cycle. Quite often, it only takes a few hours to fix a major bug but a couple of weeks or even months until the next update is released. Depending on the severity of those bugs, this can not only handicap your work but also endanger the security of your server. TYPOlight's powerful live update feature allows you to receive updates with only a few clicks as soon as a bug has been fixed. You do not have to download an update archive and you do not have to use an FTP client to upload new files.

TYPOlight benefits from the potential of PHP5

� PHP is a popular programming language that is available on almost every commercial web server and allows to create a wide range of web applications. Originally designed as a small set of Perl scripts, it has continuously developed to a full-grown programming language including object- oriented functionality and several other performance-enhancing features. However, a lot of this functionality was not included until version 5, so TYPOlight as a future-oriented software it is written in PHP5.

CSS generator

� IE7 compatible
� Import existing CSS files
� Automatic CSS page framework
� Any content element can be referenced

Editing features

� Rich Text Editor (TinyMCE)
� Different content elements and modules
� Insert tags (similar to Server Side Includes)
� Show or hide articles (manual or timed)
� Edit multiple records at the same time

Page features

� Multiple page types
� Custom layout sections
� Show or hide pages (manual or timed)
� Password protect pages

File manager

� Multiple file uploads
� File operation permissions
� Image thumbnails and file preview
� Copy, move, rename files or folders
� Delete folders recursively

Form generator

� Automatic input validation
� Send form data via e-mail
� File uploads and e-mail attachments
� Generate custom forms that interact with modules

Search engine

� Phrase search
� Keyword search
� Wildcard search
� AND/OR queries
� Automatic page indexing

System features

� Open Source
� Platform independent
� Web-based administration
� Support via forum and e-mail

Last updated on May 18th, 2010

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