Syntaxicus Highlighticus 1.0.3

Syntax highlighting for Web publishing

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What's new in Syntaxicus Highlighticus 1.0.3:

  • There is improvement of processing of empty modes and some other changes (see documentation).
  • Processing of a root highlighter completely conforms to words of the manual "for a root highlighter the action context is an entire source". Previously, only the first occurrence of a root highlighter in a source was processed.
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GPL v3 
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
The Syntaxicus Highlighticus project offers syntax highlighting for publishing on the web. It is based on custom rules, in the configuration XML file. Rules use PERL-compatible regular  expressions for search of source file's parts to highlight.

There is no any   programming, only description of how to search and highlight. The input - the source file of a native programming language. The output - HTML with  CSS. The program is intended for usage on desktop.

Usage on any server  should be done with the big care, and in any case not for wide shared usage  (see "Program demerits").
Program merits:
    1. Universality: custom rules of the highlighting; UTF-8 everywhere; cross-platform.
    2. Fullness: rules allow exactly enough describe the subtle syntax.
    3. Flexibility: easy syntax with the inheritance and nesting of rules;  and the sequent simplicity and beauty.
    4. The program does what you want: optimized (minimum tags, minimum size), human-readable, valid, cross-browser HTML.
Program demerits:
    1. Productivity: processing time of big sources is enough appreciable.
    2. Greedy for RAM: RAM dwindles as a pot of cherry jam.
    3. Complexity of PERL-compatible regular expressions.

Last updated on September 15th, 2010


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