Stunnix Advanced Web Server 6.0

Put any web site on a removable media and run it directly from there
Stunnix Advanced Web Server - Stunnix Advanced Web Server
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Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CDROM and USB media allows whole websites to be put on a removable media and be run from there, without the need of an internet connection or extra programs.

Any site that uses Perl, mod_perl, PHP (php4 and php5), Tomcat (Java), Python (mod_python) for scripting and Firebird, MySQL or SQLite databases can run off of a CD with the use of Stunnix Advanced Web Server. The CD, once put into the tray, will run the web server itself, MySQL, or a Firebird database server and PHP, Perl, Python, and Java interpreters directly from the CD and will open a browser window with the site in it.

Main features:

  • Supports all major desktop operating systems - Windows, Mac OS X (for Intel and PPC processors), and Linux.
  • Uses Apache codebase; it's concept and configuration file-compatible with most famous web server - Apache
  • Includes a state of the art CDBuilder tool for true point-and-click configuration of all properties and building ISO images of the CD or DVD
  • Pages served by all engines (Tomcat, ASP, ASP.NET) appear on the same port as the main web server, allowing easy integration with other parts of the web site.
  • Has a special debugging mode in which special tools for the inspection of the web server's state and database files are enabled for a the site and are opened upon startup of the produced CD.
  • User doesn't have to install anything on his or her computer.
  • Supports ALL of the most popular and useful features expected from a very powerful web server (plain CGI, PATH_INFO, Keep-Alive, SSI, GET/POST with any request sizes, and partial downloads).
  • Unlike other products, all scripting engines are always present in the memory, resulting in the instant execution of the scripts due to mod_php, mod_python, and mod_perl.
  • Supports encoded PHP scripts on all platforms.
  • Extremely flexible in its configuration due to its support for Apache web server configuration files.
  • Cross-platform support for the stopping of the server and the releasing of the media.
  • Has hooks to start additional programs upon startup of the web site; browserless mode is supported.
  • TCP ports to be used are not hardcoded, but are determined at runtime instead.
  • Has reliable support for Portable FireFox
  • Different products created with Stunnix Advanced Web Server can be run at the same time on the same computer by the same user without any conflicts.
  • Extending the product further and adding new functionality is very easy.
  • Hints about the operating system that your site is run on are provided to website scripts

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July 27th, 2013, 3:23 GMT
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ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
Stunnix Advanced Web Server

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What's New in This Release:
  • This version adds support for Compressed Web Runtime.
  • This technology makes startup time from CD/DVD the same as startup time from HDD on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • The latest version of the IonCube loader has been integrated, and now supports loading encoded PHP files produced by IonCube Encoder v8.
  • Various minor improvements have been made.
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