SimpleAlias 1.1

SimpleAlias is a product which allows you to create shortcuts to portal content.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Danny Bloemendaal
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SimpleAlias is a product which allows you to create shortcuts to portal content.

SimpleAlias is a product that let's you create aliases or shortcuts to content somewhere in your portal. It behaves similar to an alias in the filesystem. In many cases you want to have such a link in a folder to some object elsewhere in the portal without having to recreate that object. Of course you can use the Link object but that is rather primitive.

SimpleAlias introduces a new content type: Alias. Once you create the Alias, you can create a reference to another object in the portal and the Alias will copy the title and description of this target object. When you view the alias, it shows the object within the context of the Alias and it presents the user a link to the target object itself. So, no scary traversal tricks. You remain in the context of the Alias. The Alias will have the same icon as the target object (with a small arrow layed over it for recognition, see readme.txt).

Another way to create an Alias to an object is to copy that object in the contents view of the object's container and then to go to the location where you want the Alias and click on Paste as alias in the contents view.

It's as simple as that. So yes, it is easy to use.


Plone 2.5 (Plone 2.1 not tested)
Archetypes 1.3

* Copy the entire SimpleAlias folder to your zope Products folder and restart Zope
* Use QuickInstaller to install SimleAlias into your Plone site.

Go to your portal root in ZMI and enter the security tab. Go to 'SimpleAlias: Add Alias' permission and configure it's roles.

What's New in This Release:

Plone 2.5 aware. Made it dependant on ATCT and used the new FTI
Moved content to content folder and added some stuff in to make it compatible with previous versions.
Added tests
Moved getAliasIcon to the tool where it belongs.

Last updated on February 15th, 2007

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