Siege 3.0.7

This project provides an Open Source HTTP regression testing/benchmarking utility

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What's new in Siege 3.0.7:

  • This release fixes a bug introduced in siege-3.0.6. Rather than strictly adhere to the RFC, siege will construct an absolute URL from a relative one. While this is convenient it missed a usecase. Siege-3.0.6 barfs on Location: http://localhost All siege 3.0.6 users should upgrade to 3.0.7.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Jeffrey Fulmer
3.7/5 15
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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SIEGE is an open source and freely distributed software project that has been designed from the offset to act as a HTTP benchmarking and regression testing utility for your GNU/Linux operating system. It can also be used to test a Windows HTTP server, but the application does not support the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Measure the code performance under duress

SIEGE was created to help web developers measure the code performance under duress, and see exactly how it will resist to load on the Internet. At the moment, the application supports cookies, both HTTP and HTTPS protocols, as well as basic authentication.

Getting started with SIEGE

To use the application, which runs entirely from the command-line, you will have to download the latest version from Softpedia, extract the archive somewhere on your patch, open a terminal emulator, navigate to the location of the extracted folder and run the “./configure && make” command (without quotes) to configure and compile the program.

To install it system wide, execute the “make install” command as root, without quotes. To use SIEGE, you will have to run the “siege.config” command (without quotes) to generate a new .siegerc configuration file.

Supported operating systems

The application has been written on GNU/Linux and has been successfully ported to other UNIX-like platforms, such as BSD, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX. It should compile on most newer BSD systems and most System V UNIX variants.

Under the hood and availability

The software is written entirely in the C programming language and it is distributed only as a source tarball, which means that you will have to manually configure and compile the project prior to installation.

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