SKForum 1.5

SKForum project is a forum application with a Wiki, comic system, guestbook, and address book.

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SK Soft
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SKForum project is a forum application with a Wiki, comic system, guestbook, and address book.

SKForum is an open source (see licensing) web-based J2EE forum application. But it's so much more, it's a comic system, an addressbook, a wiki, a timetracking system, a todo list, a poll system, a guestbook system and a few other small nuts and bolts.

SKForum was first taken into use in september of 2000. By july of 2001 it had grown to 6 464 lines of code, and at october 2003 it is at 49 067 lines total. Of these 37 596 are java source file lines.

SKForum has i18n support and supports the following languages:
- English (US)
- Swedish (SE)
- French (FR)

Installation howto
1. Install mysql.
2. Create a database in mysql called "forum".
3. Install Java 2 SDK
4. Install a J2EE servlet container, I recommend Resin 2.x (it is also a webserver and can be integrated with IIS or Apache if you want)
5. Get the SKForum WAR file.
6. Make sure there's no caching done on the forum, resin for example has a default caching setting, remove the part of the config.
7. Install the forum as a toplevel app. It will currently not work unless "/" leads to it's own top level.
8. Set up the data sources. If needed install the JDBC driver in the servlet container (get the mysql driver here).
Setup data source in Resin 2.x
Setup data source in Resin 3.x
Setup data source in Orion
9. This step only if you do not use Resin: If you use tomcat, remove web.xml and rename tomcat-web.xml to web.xml. Otherwise comment out the parts of web.xml that is marked "resin specific" that your server does not support.
10. Get the mysql jdbc driver and put it in your app servers lib directory.
11. Login with the username and password you want for the admin account. The first person who logs into the forum will get full rights and be set up as admin by default.

What's New in This Release:

tasks system added
description field for areas
add/remove areas to/from hotlist inside the area
invitation support for user groups
planning warns for close events in the hotlist
custom area type: quotes
custom area type: pictures
custom area type: links
wiki URL rewriting for good wiki URLs
editing and posting redirects instead of forwards, no more issues with reposting
added login success/failure logging to database

checkbox bug in IE fixed
user addition delay fixed
fixed address book VCS export for OS X
planning info box at the bottom displayed at the top
subscribe broken for comics
shows deleted status for single-line messages in dynamic collapsing mode
access rights to areas were ignored
issue with hotlist resolved
can't write in empty area
editing of planning events sometimes fail
sorting in archive is by unicode, not by character

switched all maps and arrays to use fastutil
zip download for archive give a good filename

Last updated on March 13th, 2007

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