Ryan's Electronic Diary Sheet 1.2.1

Ryan's Electronic Diary Sheet allows members of an organization to inform each other of their proposed whereabouts.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Ryan P. Cartwright
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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Ryan's Electronic Diary SheetRyan's Electronic Diary SheetRyan's Electronic Diary Sheet
Ryan's Electronic Diary Sheet (aka RyansEDS) is a web-based Perl application which allows members of an organization (typically staff) to inform each other of their proposed whereabouts. The project is designed to be a simple shared calendaring application which does require complex (and often proprietary) client/server software.

Like its sister application Ryan's In/Out Board it was written to fulfil a need at my employer Contact a Family. Staff needed a simple centralised way to let each other know when they would be out of the office rather than get into the complexities of sharing calendars.

The diary sheet works on a week by week basis and stores its data accordingly. A shell script (bacth file) is supplied which (when run as a scheduled event/cron job) will clear out data older that your chosen limit. Thus data storage is kept to a minimum. The diary sheet itself also has a feature will prevent users from going too far forward or backward.

Here are some key features of "Ryan s Electronic Diary Sheet":

Simple to use and administer
Week to a screen view
Users can be grouped into (colour coded) departments - current user's department shown at top
User aliases permit users to have friendly names on the diary sheet whilst logging in with more secure names 1
No database required - uses simple text files for storage
Tidies up after itself - deletes old storage files 2.
No client application required - save for a web browser
Easily configurable styles - all through the config file no HTML/CSS skills required.
Allows additional comments/notes to be linked from the main diary sheet view
Cross platform - runs on any browser and a range of server OSs.
W3C compliant and fully accessible HTML output
Suitable for small-medium installations (< 100 users)


Webserver - i.e. Apache, IIS
Perl - 5.0 and above
Date::EzDate - a perl module required for date handling.

What's New in This Release:

A minor bug in the remote user detection routine that meant a user logging in as Fred was being incorrectly detected as another user with an alias of Fred_Jones was fixed.

Last updated on May 16th, 2007

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