Richie Rich 0.3.1

Richie Rich is an HTML document editor that runs within a Web browser.

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Free To Use But Restricted
Iain Dooley
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Richie Rich
Richie Rich project is an HTML document editor that runs within a Web browser.

Unlike other in-line HTML editors, this operates straight on the DOM to avoid incongruities between what is visible in the front end and the HTML that is created in the back end.

It supports undo, mouse selection, cursor positioning, and creation of headings, paragraphs, lists, links, bold, italic and underline.

Here are some commands:
· Click on the document to position the cursor
· Enter will create a new element
· Shift+Enter will append a line break without creating a new paragraph
· Ctrl+D delets the current node
· Ctrl+A creates a link
· Ctrl+L creates a new list, and exits a list
· Ctrl+Shift+L creates a nested list
· Ctrl+Shift+L descends into a nested list if one already exists
· Up and down arrows move between editable areas
· Left and right arrows move the cursor
· Home and End go to the beginning and end of an editable area
· Ctrl+left/right arrows move back and forth by word
· Alt+left/right arrows move back and forth by sentence (including commas)
· Ctrl + b, i and u do bold, italic and underline
· Ctrl + h followed by a number creates that kind of heading
· Ctrl + v will paste text in. Tags are stripped, the text is split according to line break and content is added as if you pressed 'enter' for each line break
· ESC will take you out of edit mode
· Use the mouse to select text to apply formatting such as headings, bold, links (quite touchy!)
· Ctrl+Z == Undo (up to 50)
· Ctrl+R == Redo

What's New in This Release:

· This release featured increased usability.
· The sample page now shows the editor in its own scrollable area, and the troublesome scroll repositioning code was removed.
· You can 'preview' the page by clicking outside the editor or by hitting 'esc'.
· It is now recommended that the "backspace action" be disabled in Firefox.
· Instructions are on the Richie Rich website.

Last updated on June 3rd, 2007

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