RapidGiza 0.2.1

Set of paster templates for rapid Pyramid development
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Rocky Burt
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RapidGiza is a set of Paster templates which provide out of the box:

 * An application based on the Pyramid web application framework
 * Default SQLAlchemy engine/session-factory setup
 * All .html files matched as Jinja2 templates
 * Werkzeug setup for running the app in development mode
 * RESTful setup using Pyramid traversal

Important URL's

 * Project Location - http://dist.serverzen.com/pypi/d/rapidgiza/
 * PyPi Entry - http://pypi.python.org/pypi/RapidGiza
 * Source Control (svn) - https://dev.serverzen.com/svn/public-sandbox/RapidGiza/

Setting up a New Project

Install RapidGiza into a Python environment (ie virtualenv) with a working Paster. Once this has been done, you can create a new RapidGiza project by simply running (where Something is the name of your new egg):

paster create -t rapidgiza Something

Once the template egg has been created you should set it up in develop mode to start working on your project.

cd Something
python setup.py develop

Using the New Project

Command Runner

By default a new script named something will be created in the bin directory of your python envionment. This script is a command runner that provides the following:

usage: something < action > [< options >]
 something --help

 Run the development server.

 :param debug: run in debug mode
 :param verbosity: increase level of logging for more verbose logging

 -h, --hostname string
 -p, --port integer 8080
 -d, --debug
 -v, --verbosity integer 0

 Ensure tables exist in the configured database.


A development.ini file will be created inside the Something directory. This can be used with the standard paster commands:

# use builtin paster http server
paster serve development.ini

# use the pyramid pshell command
paster --plugin=pyramid pshell development.ini pyramid-Something

Apache mod_wsgi

There is a preconfigured Something.wsgi file generated which is necessary for plugging your app into a mod_wsgi environment.

Last updated on February 17th, 2011


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What's new in RapidGiza 0.2.1:

  • Updated url's to point to github repo
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