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A Python wrapper for Amazon Web Service
PyAWS is a Python wrapper for the latest Amazon Web Service. It is designed to pave the way for Python developers to interactivate AWS.

The PyAWS project is forked from the code base of pyamazon. The Amazone E-Commerce Services is supported.


Run python install as root to install PyAWS into Python site-packages.

Quick Start

>>> from pyaws import ecs
>>> ecs.setLicenseKey('Your-AWS-License-Key')
>>> books = ecs.ItemSearch('python', SearchIndex='Books')
>>> books[0].Title # books is a paged iterator
u'Learning Python, Second Edition'
>>> len(books) # get length of books
>>> books[101].Title # random access the books
u'The First 280 Years of Monty Python'
>>> books[5].Title
u'Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science'
>>> cart = ecs.CartCreate([books[0], books[5]], (2, 3))
>>> for x in cart.CartItems:
... print x.Title
u'Learning Python, Second Edition'
u'Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science'

Main features:

  • Build the Python object on the fly from the DOM tree.
  • The page-based REST response is mapped as the iterator object.
  • Runtime errors are mapped to exceptions
  • Fine-tuned object generation makes more sense.
  • Easy to extend.
  • More!

last updated on:
August 6th, 2009, 14:01 GMT
developed by:
Kun Xi
license type:
Python License 
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