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An easy to install three tier web proxy written in PHP






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Proxifier project is an easy to install three tier web proxy written in PHP.

Features include the ability to remove cookies, the HTTP referer field, the HTTP user-agent field, scripts on the page, and objects, altering the user-agent string to whatever you please, and tunnelling your proxied traffic through a second proxy.

If there existed a freely public install of this script, two standard proxies could be used, one entered in the proxy settings of your browser, and one entered into the publicly installed web proxy, to create a connection being passed between three separate proxy servers before hitting the final destination.

Most web sites should be supported by this web proxy. If a site doesn't seem to be supported, please email me. Please note, however, that most AJAX applications will probably have problems with Proxifier, so don't attempt to use anything like GMail or Meebo.

DO NOT USE THIS PROXY AS OF NOW TO ACCESS ANY SENSITIVE INFORMATION, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO CREDIT CARD INFORMATION, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, SENSITIVE PASSWORDS, AND OTHER SIMILAR THINGS! Currently, SSL/TLS is supported through just entering a URL in the field. BEWARE: This does NOT secure your connection to the proxy server as of yet, only the connection from the proxy server to the web server the request is going to! This might create a false sense of security for some people, as your passwords are being passed openly without encryption through the Internet.
Last updated on May 13th, 2011

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