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Proto Balance SSL is a standalone app that can be installed in front of any existing web server or other Internet service.

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Proto Balance SSL
Proto Balance SSL is a standalone application that can be installed in front of any existing web server or other Internet service. It transparently encrypts SSL traffic coming from your web server and decrypts HTTP requests. Instead of your web server machine handling the heavy CPU of both SSL processing and your web application, now all SSL processing can be off-loaded to Proto Balance SSL. This improves performance, reduces latency, and protects your web server. What's more is that certificate management has never been easier - so you can make and existing http:// web site into https:// in minutes.

Proto Balance performs load balancing of HTTP requests over multiple servers. Proto Balance will also load balance any TCP protocol such as mail, POP3 and IMAP. Proto Balance has a web configuration interface which is so easy to use, with just a single click you can turn on and off back-end boxes. Most organizations begin by installing one Proto Balance instance - but soon become Proto Balance addicts as they install Proto Balance on a dozen of their machines!

This is because Proto Balance makes it such a pleasure to redirecting web traffic and web service interfaces to any place you need, all from the relaxed environment of your web browser. In many organization the common cause for downtime is software misconfiguration and deployment failures. With Proto Balance redeploying software is as simple as clicking "stop" on one back-end server and clicking "go" on another - your entire deployment is rolled back or forard in a split second.

Proto Balance Advanced extends the powerful features of Proto Balance to monitor each client that connects to your site and record hits against the client IP address. Clients that exceed maximum limits are automatically blocked.

These limits are set by you. Limits to the total number concurrent connections protect your web server from DoS (denial of service). Limits to connection rate ensure a good user-experience for friendly web surfers.

How does Proto Balance SSL do https?

Proto Balance SSL transparently converts incoming SSL connections into ordinary HTTP connections and then forwards them to your regular web server. You need change nothing on your web server! Proto Balance SSL automatically generates all SSL configuration with no prompting and automatically selects the most secure settings. Administrators that thought they needed to research for days can now have an SSL web site up and running in minutes! When you are ready to purchase a trusted certificate from a certificate vendor, Proto Balance SSL will generate the certificate request for you! - just copy and paste onto your vendors application form.

Proto Balance SSL also includes all of the functionality of Proto Balance. This means Proto Balance SSL can perform:

Load balancing
Transparent fallover
Live traffic redirection
Live removal and addition of server machines


21 day trial

Last updated on July 16th, 2008

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