Project-based Calendaring System 0.7.2

Project-based Calendaring System is a calendaring system useful for project managers and groupware use.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.0/5 6
Roalt Zijlstra
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Project-based Calendaring System
Project-Based Calendaring System (in short PBCS) is an open source web-based calendaring system, designed to be an useful aid for people who manage schedules for one or more persons.

Project-based Calendaring System's main feature, which distinguishes it from all other calendar applications, is that schedule planners can plan schedules for other people easily using day or week overviews showing multiple people at once.

There are the regular single-user overviews for those who look mainly at their own calendar. For people on the road it is now possible to sync your appointments into a Palm PDA.

What's New in This Release:

[NEW] All viewable user pages (day.php, user-settings.php etc.) of PBCS have been checked against the w3C validator. Now all pages are 'DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional' compliant. From now on this compliancy will be checked.
[BUG] The available languages in PBCS are now configurable in the config.php.
[BUG] The 'register globals off' has been improved so it will work on more bare bones PHP configs.
[BUG] The show user groups only feature should be working again. How to implement this is to create a hidden group with the permission 'Do not show groups which the user is not member of.'. Make users member of that group and your user should only see its own group.
[BUG] The navigation and calendar frames have been validated to the loose 'DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional' in order to squash bugs. The User Picker should work again in all templates. In 0.7.1 Only the aqualook theme was working well, now all themes work again.
[BUG] Fixes in the group & user manager also due to HTML validation and also due to a patch which was send to me by someone called Raphael. Thanks... though your patch was reverted and fixed by the HTML validation.
[BUG] The installer has been much improved. The New install is a true new install in terms of MySQL data. Tables will be dropped if you re-install! The installer Finalisation is now much better and without a load of debug statements.
[NEW] A portugese translation was donated by Christian H. Klingenschmid.

Last updated on August 3rd, 2008

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