Pocoo 0.1

Pocoo is an open-source bulletin board software (aka message board) written in Python.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Georg Brandl
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Pocoo is an open-source bulletin board software (aka message board) written in Python. Pocoo provides an advanced plugin system with a component architecture which allows other developers to modify Pocoo to their liking without the need to touch existing source code.

Because it uses SQLAlchemy, it is possible to use either MySQL, SQLite, Oracle or Postgres as the storage backend.

Pocoo is fully WSGI compatible, built with the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern in mind, and uses Jinja as a sandboxed template language. The minimum Python version for Pocoo is 2.4.

By now we are far from finished and we don't recommend using Pocoo in a productive environment!

Here are some key features of "Pocoo":

support for either flat or threaded post view
readable URLs, one URL works for both flat and threaded view
use JSONRPC and XmlHTTPRequest to dynamically fetch data where useful (using the excellent AJS javascript library)
but provide a fallback systems for users without javascript
very powerful plugin system
extensible authentication system
WSGI compatibility
database support for MySQL, Sqlite, Postgres, Oracle
BBCode/rst/safehtml parsers for markup
Javascript editors for the markup
avatar support
user profiles and settings

What's New in This Release:

Both flat and threaded post views are supported.
URLs are very readable. JSONRPC and XmlHTTPRequest are supported.
The plugin system is very powerful.
The authentication system is extensible.
The system is compliant with WSGI.
Database support is available for MySQL, Sqlite, Postgres, and Oracle.
BBCode, rst, and safehtml parsers can be used for markup.
JavaScript editors for the markup are included.
Avatars, user profiles, and settings are supported.

Last updated on September 12th, 2006

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