PlexDomain 3.2

PlexDomain is a domain management application.

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PlexObject Solutions, Inc.
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PlexDomain is a domain management application.

There are tens of millions of domains registered all of the world and every day thousands of these domains expires. Many of these expired domains have history of high traffic to their websites. Such domains may have had thousands of links on popular search engines or listed on popular directories such as Yahoo or DMOZ and may have high ranking on sites such as Alexa. Building such traffic is time consuming and may take years. In addition, listing on directories such as Yahoo can cost $299.0 for mainstream site or $599.0 for adult sites.

Though, Yahoo has free submission to noncommercial categories, but there is no guarantee and it may take several months. Yahoo receives on average 15000 submissions per day to these noncommercial categories, thus there is very long waiting period. PlexDomain provides a toolset to search, analyze, monitor and register popular on-hold and deleted domains. It allows users to search deleted, on-hold, and registered domains. Users can check traffic for these sites from dozens of popular search engines and directories such as Yahoo, DMOZ, AltaVista, Lycos, etc.

Users can specify criteria for accepting domains, such as the sites that must exist in Yahoo-Directory or DMOZ-Directory category or have a minimum of N links to them or have a minimum of X rating on Alexa website. These searches can be done in foreground or as a scheduled job which runs in background. This scheduled job can be run on regular interval automatically. The scheduled job creates a detailed report and can email report to the user when done.

PlexDomain allows users to search domains that are:
Real-Time Newly-Deleted
Expiring Soon
Available for Registration
Registered Domains

The user can specify criteria for selecting domains such as keywords, length of domains or if they contain numbers or hyphens. These domains are then used by filtering process that selects popular domains.

Last updated on December 20th, 2007


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