Philtron 0.2.6

Philtron provides a filtering HTTP proxy.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Hans Andersen
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
Philtron provides a filtering HTTP proxy.

Philtron is a filtering HTTP proxy, meaning it rewrites the HTML of the web pages that pass through it in order to remove dangerous or annoying javascript-s, popups and improve the anonymity of the user.

It will be different from the existing filtering solutions (most famous example - Proxomitron, now discontinued) by avoiding hard-to-understand regular expressions as a way to filter HTML and will also be extremely user friendly - it is configured directly from the browser, on the fly as you browse. It is intended for the large audience, one wouldn't need programming background inorder to use the software.

Philtron is written in PHP, which means it's cross-platform and it's safe from buffer overflows and similar bugs, which can appear in low-level languages (c/c++). On the other hand the built-in regular expressions make implementing HTTP and parsing incoming and outgoing traffic very easy.

The proxy will fully implement HTTP/1.1 protocol, which means it can download web pages and their requisites (images, flash movies etc) fast and intelligent, even superior than some of the existing browsers (for example Internet Exlorer doesn't use pipelining - one of the advanced features of http/1.1 which greatly improves speed on image-heavy pages) and will help http/1.0 clients communicate faster with the http/1.1 servers (for example wget works faster through Philtron).

What's New in This Release:

· Directory structure reorganized.
· The code is now viewed as a library, which can be shared between HTTP-related projects.
· The beginning of the Phaeton multi-useragent project.
· The docs are now on the local server.
· Numerous small code improvements.
· [core/] A SERIOUS bug prevented properly issuing multiple requests over a persistent connection.

Last updated on April 17th, 2007

#proxomitron-like #filtering HTTP proxy #remove hostile content #Philtron #filtering #HTTP #proxy

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