Patu Digua 0.2

A web obfuscator and compressor

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What's new in Patu Digua 0.2:

  • HTML tags can be transformed to upper case, lower case, or randomly mixed.
  • HTML attributes like style are processed like CSS.
  • HTML attributes like onload are processed like JavaScript.
  • An option was added to specify the suffixes for files that will be interpreted like JavaScript, CSS, or HTML.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Adrian Ber
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
Patu Digua, or shortly Digua, is a web (JavaScript, HTML and CSS) obfuscator and compressor software. It will reduce the size of your website, boosting performance this way, and it will make your JavaScript source code harder to be copied.


The question is why to use such a program. Why to obfuscate your website? First of all maybe you really don’t want somebody to copy your JavaScript code as it is business critical. Of course, this is not like the code will be compiled and linked, only harder to read and understand. And for this you should definitely use the obfuscation for JavaScript variables and functions.

But this is not the only reason to use this program. The compression of the web code is what I think is really matters. Less code means faster websites.

Why Patu Digua?

Patu digua is the smallest known spider in the world.


Patu Digua can be used

 * from the command line interface
 * in your Java program
 * from the graphical interface

Command-line interface

Patu digua can be run from the command line interface. The command line interface options are the following:

 * -s/--src The source to be processed, which is usually a directory but can be a file as well.
 * -d/--dest The destination where the processed files or directories are stored. If the source is a file this can be a file or a directory. If the source is a directory, the destination must be a directory. If this a relative path, then it is relative to the source directory, not to the current folder.
 * -c/--conf The configuration file.
 * -n/--nogui If this is specified, Patu Digua does not start in GUI mode, but starts processing right away.

Java Integration

Patu digua can be easily integrated in your Java program. And it takes only one line of code:

 new Digua(“/path/to/config.file”).run();

It will load the specified configuration file and it will run the entire compression/obfuscation. If you want to specify another source directory/file than the one in the configuration file:

 XProperties options = new XProperties();
 options.put(“src”, “/path/to/source.file”);
 Digua digua = new Digua(options);;

In the same way you can specify other options too. For detailed specification please consult the Configuration section. The entire process can be run in a separate thread:

 new Thread(new Digua(“/path/to/config.file”)).start();

Last updated on October 5th, 2009

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