Para::Frame 1.05

A system to use for dynamic web sites.
Para::Frame is a system to use for dynamic web sites. Para::Frame runs as a backend daemon taking page requests from a Apache mod_perl client and returns a HTTP response.

The URLs in the site corresponds to templates for displaying information. Operations on the data is put in perl modules separated from the templates.

Para::Frame handles multitasking within the process, enabeling you to keep your initialized objects in memory with no need to sync with the DB for each request.

The session data lives in memory. No need to save it in an external format.

Para::Frame uses "routes" for planning things to do in a session, taking care of which page to display next, depending on form actions. Integrated with exception handling.

One Para::Frame daemon can handle many sites on the same server. It uses the Apache configuration for handling URL to file translation.

You can have any number of Para::Frame daemons running in parallell on the same server. Maby using one for development, one for the stable version and one backup in case of failure. You can easily configure the site to use a backup daemon as a last resort.

A Watchdog makes sure that the system works. It pings the daemon in regular intervals and restarts it if locks up or if the memory limit is reached. The restart is done by forking.

There are tons of useful functions.

last updated on:
March 8th, 2009, 6:21 GMT
license type:
Perl Artistic License 
developed by:
Jonas Liljegren
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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What's New in This Release:
  • Many feature enhancements were made.
  • Changes were made regarding reCAPTCHA, the charset detector, image handling, domain validation, spreadsheets, more package tests, the calendar widget, the HTML WYSIWYG editor, the source editor, awstats, the server control panel, CSS, email sending, I18N, list manipulation, page renderers, more Unicode handling, worker dispatch, more widgets, and better stability.
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