PHPSurveyor 1.47b

PHP Surveyor is a set of PHP scripts that interact with MySQL to develop surveys.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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PHP Surveyor is a set of PHP scripts that interact with MySQL to develop surveys, publish surveys and collect responses to surveys.

Once a survey has been created it can be published as an online survey (displayed as single questions, group by group or all in one page) or you can use a dataentry system for administration of paper-based versions of the survey.

PHP Surveyor can produced 'branching' surveys (set conditions on whether individual questions will display), can vary the look and feel of your survey through a templating system, and can provide basic statistical analysis of your survey results

PHP Surveyor includes the capacity to generate individualised 'tokens', so if you have a list of people you want to invite to participate in a survey you can issue each one with a token, and they will be able to access the survey using that token. This allows for quite good quality control of your surveys.

Here are some key features of "PHPSurveyor":

· Unlimited number of surveys at the same time
· Creation of a printable survey version
· Unlimited number of question groups in a survey
· Unlimited numbers of questions in a group/survey
· 20 different question types with more to come
· Ability to set conditions for questions depending on earlier answers (branching the survey)
· Re-usable editable answer sets
· Ready-made importable questions Opens the Sourceforge site in a new window
· Assessment surveys
· Unlimited number of participants to a survey
· Anonymous or open surveys as well as closed surveys
· Optional public registration for surveys
· Sending of invitations, reminders and tokens by email
· Option for participants to buffer answers to continue survey at a later time
· Cookie or session based surveys
· Several ready-made templates available for download
· Template editor for creating your own page layout
· Screenshot of the backendExtended and user-friendly administration interface
· Back-office data entry possibility
· Survey start & end-dates for automation
· Enhanced import and export functions to text, CSV and MS Excel format
· Basic statistical and graphical analysis with export facility
· Supporting more than 15 different languages in both the front- as well as the backend
· Detailed English manual included in the download

What's New in 1.00 Stable Release:

· Added SMTP relay and authorization
· Added Japanese translation kindly provided by Masaru Ryumae
· Added Greek translation file kindly provided by Artemis Mendrinos
· Added Romanian translation kindly provided by Bogdan Anastasiei
· Added Swedish translation of administration kindly provided by Niklas Andersson
· Updated spanish translation kindly provided by Juan Rafael Fernāndez
· Updated russian translation by Alexander Shilov
· Fixed an error message showing up when a survey was deleted but the token still was set to 'completed = yes'
· Fixed bug #470: VVimport fails (reports that an active survey is not currently active) if dbprefix is set
· Fixed bug #465: Error messages if a question has no answers
· Fixed bug #463: Checkbox with conditions = JS error on Firefox in 'All in one' mode
· Fixed bug #457: SQL syntax error when having changed a question type from a question with activated 'other' option to a question type with no 'other' option and then activating the survey.
· Fixed bug #456: Emails using local server (Postfix) rather than remote mail server as specified in config file
· Fixed bug #455: Losing ipaddress when editing a cached survey
· Fixed bug #435: Basic handling of session timeouts.
· Fixed bug #458: Wrong path for 2 files in experimental interface
· Removed a possible error in relation to dbprefix settings.
· Removed a small warning notice regarding flush_cache_ob.
· Fixed swedish language file
· Fixed small antialiasing bug with JPGraph

What's New in 1.47b Development Release:

· Fixed Export button target in statistics (lemeur)
· SPSS export updated (machaven)
· Reworked the token import to being more stable (machaven)
· Reworked the Excel import to be compatible
· MySQL now correctly handles utf-8 chars (Please re-install to fix this) (machaven & c_schmitz)
· Added a setting to config.php to manage the maximum session time (c_schmitz)
· Added a proper error message when taking a survey and the session is timing out for any reason (c_schmitz)
· Fixed bug #689: [Security] Memory size error (machaven)
· Fixed bug #703: [Survey at Runtime] Another infamous single quote issue in labels (lemeur)
· Fixed bug #575: [Import / Export] Export to Excel: Umlaute (c_schmitz)
· Fixed bug #632: [Import / Export] Exporting to MS Word fields and answers not matched up (c_schmitz)
· Fixed bug #656: [Assessments] Assessments don't work properly; HTML source code shows wrong calculation results (c_schmitz)
· Fixed bug #690: [Statistics] Firefox-Problem: No "Show Statistic"-Button and some questions are not displayed (c_schmitz)
· Fixed bug #678: [Statistics] Filter in Statistic-Screens displays Questions without Order (lemeur)
· Fixed bug #636: [Survey at Runtime] Session Time-out Issues (c_schmitz)
· Fixed bug #688: [Survey Design] Labelset administration wrong import type shown (c_schmitz)
· Fixed bug #685: [Installation] Installation in existing MySQL DB (c_schmitz)
· Fixed bug #680: [Translation] Language Switch type question doesn't totally swicth (c_schmitz)
· Fixed bug #683: [Survey Design] Import of groups (c_schmitz)
· Fixed bug #684: [Survey Design] Import of groups (c_schmitz)

Last updated on March 15th, 2007

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