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A web-based, simple and Open Source calendar application written in PHP and MySQL

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PHP-Calendar is an open source, freely distributed, platform-independent, cross-browser and simple web-based calendar application implemented in PHP using the MySQL database server software. It looks pretty cool, but you don’t have to trust us, just check out the demo

The application is designed in such a way that it allows users to easily keep track of their events wherever they are. Besides the support for the MySQL database, PHP-Calendar can also store its data on the powerful PostgreSQL database server.

Engineered with accessibility in mind

Being engineered with accessibility in mind, PHP-Calendar has been successfully tested with various modern web browsers, including Google Chrome, Chromium, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

The application is independent of a computer or mobile operating systems, which means that it runs in the cloud and can be accessed from any machine running any GNU/Linux distribution, or one of those commercial Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Of course, this means that you can access PHP-Calendar, which will be installed on your web server running Apache on top of a reliable Linux distribution, from a Macintosh system or any mobile device, including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Getting started with PHP-Calendar

Installing PHP-Calendar on your web server is quiet and easy and simple process, as all you have to do is to download the latest version of the program from Softpedia, save the archive somewhere on your PC, open your favorite FTP client and connect to your web server.

Upload all the files and folders into a newly created directory on the root of your server. Once all the files have been uploaded, open a web browser on your computer, access the location where the install.php file is on your web server (e.g. and follow the on-screen instructions.

PHP-Calendar was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on December 10th, 2014

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