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PHP SlideShow is a little script that creates a web based slide show.




PHP SlideShow is a little script that creates a web based slide show with NEXT and BACK buttons to navigate through a list of images.

Optional features include multi-directory support and image descriptions. Setup is easy, just put the script into a directory containing your images

Here are some key features of "PHP Slideshow":

zero configuration setup makes for instant results.
javascript preload next image to increase performance for viewer.
html/css template based for easy integration into existing web sites.
automatically builds dynamic slideshow from images in current directory.
automatically creates thumbnail images.
automatic settings to scroll through the images every x seconds.
individual image description/names and page titles.
easily add image titles with exif comment support.
multi directory support (one script for multiple image directories).
ability to order images by date, name etc…
supports png, jpeg, and gif image formats.
phpslideshow is free, released under the gpl.

What's New in This Release:

This version adds the long requested feature of automatic thumbnail creation.
Last updated on June 12th, 2006
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