Orient Key/Value Server 0.9.15

The HTTP Server to manage keys/values pairs in a flash

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What's new in Orient Key/Value Server 0.9.15:

  • This version changes internal management to adhere to the new OrientDB Security policies of version 0.9.15.
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The Apache License 2.0 
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Orient Key/Value Server
The Orient Key/Value Server project was born to satisfy the increasing request of a super-fast engine that knows only the concepts of Buckets, Keys and Values. In facts you could not need a full featured DBMS if you can simplify your application to store and retrieve all your data by a unique key. Data can be any document such as a JSON or XML document or any format you want to treat.

Orient stores key/value entries in buckets. Buckets are collections of entries and the buckets are mapped themselves with a key.

You can use HTTP method to tell to Orient the operation you want to execute: GET to retrieve values, POST to insert them, PUT to update and DELETE to remove.

Orient handles billions of entries in a single node even on obsolete HW since it uses the RAM only for the most accessed entries.

Orient Key/Value Server scales out very well in a cluster with thousands of running machines: Orient will divide the load among all the nodes. Cluster, by default, works in auto-discovery mode: when a node starts it attaches itself to the cluster if any. When a node goes down the cluster auto rebalances itself. Main features:

 * Extremely light: 1,4Mb for the distributed Partition Server.
 * Run on any platform: All the engine is 100% pure Java and can run on Linux, MS Windows and any system that supports the Java 6+ technology.
 * Super fast: On common hardware* stores up to 1.700 entries per second, 146,880,000 per day.
 * High availability: The Partition Server can run in high availability mode using a cluster of multiple nodes partitioned. Your information will never be unavailable!
 * Standard access: The Server speaks using the HTTP protocol so it can be used from any Programming Language and from any Internet Browser

Last updated on September 19th, 2010

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