OpenVISP Admin 0.96

OpenVISP Admin is a fork of Postfix Admin.

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MPL (Mozilla Public License) 
Xavier Beaudouin
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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OpenVISP AdminOpenVISP AdminOpenVISP Admin
OpenVISP Admin project is a fork of Postfix Admin.

As administrator of a highly centralized and industrial grade hosting system, I need some webinterface to update data on a SQL database.

First I have used Postfix Admin to manage mail data but I was looking for more specialized system that is not a system that takes hours and is not configurable...

So I have started to modify Postfix Admin to suits my needs and so on.

Why OpenVISP Admin ?

I don't like 3 things on current Postfix Admin :

The new license that has moved from MPL 1.1 to another proprietary one
The bloody webforums and the fact that no authors was interested by my patches
No CVS / CVSweb to see changes between versions

So this is basicaly why I have started a fork of Postfix Admin.

Here are some key features of "OpenVISP Admin":

Quota enforcement
Domain aliases
Antivirus Checkbox when creating domain
Antispam Checkbox when creating domain
Sender / Domain verification checkboxes when creating domain
GreyListing Checkbox when creating domain
Spam Assassing Tag
Spam Assassin Tag score value
Tranport value when domain is backup MX
Be more user friendly eg one login password with rights to get what he is allowed to
Allow Postmasters to get access to APC Masterswitch
To be done :
Adding mod_vhs option for FTP and Web servicing purposes
Allow postmaster to modify per aliases and per mailboxes SA values, etc..
Allow user to modify their SA values on their mailboxes but also on their aliases
Allow users to see their weblogs
Allow users to search in logs for rejected messages and the reason why
Redesign auth system to be more flexible.

How will this works ?


All the web interface will store data into MySQL (or PostgreSQL but this is not tested, I need some testers for that). The data is replicated and interfaced to a LDAP with a back_perl.

OpenLDAP back_perl

The back_perl scripts will be released when OpenVISP Admin 1.0 will be released.

What's New in This Release:

The setup of all directories has been changed to be more clear about docs and contrib.
lmtpd filtering options have been added.
There is a new module to handle Web and FTP hosting.
Some parts of the Web interface have been changed.
More security checks have been added.
There are many other new features.

Last updated on May 26th, 2007

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