NonTemplate 0.12

Nontemplate is not a Templating Language
NonTemplate is a software that allows you to generate simple XML output directly in your Python code with a minimum of syntactic noise. It uses the with statement introduced in Python 2.5 to ensure that once a tag is opened, it will be closed.

Python code and template codes can be interleaved naturally, without resorting to restrictive language constructions. Your favourite debugger can see, and set breakpoints in, every level of your template. 100% pure Python (>= 2.5), and it works just fine in Python 3.0 as well.

Performance is comparable to the commonly used templating languages and is better than most. Asyncronous use is easy: NonTemplate is happy reading from iterables and writing to IO streams. This means you can start sending XHTML to your clients while your database is still retrieving rows ...


import nontemplate

D = nontemplate.document
with D.html():
 D._comment("this is a test")
 with D.head():
 with D.body():
 with D.h1(id="foo"):
 D._text("This is a test")
 with D.table(_class="cool"):
 with D.tbody():
 for row in range(1,11):
 for col in range(1,11):
 if row == col:"same")("%d" % row)
 else:"diff")("%d,%d" % (row,col))

last updated on:
September 25th, 2010, 19:39 GMT
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
developed by:
Nick Moore
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