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NCaster is content management system that features high customizability and flexibility.





NCaster is content management system that features high customizability and flexibility.

Ncaster project supports limitless custom fields, relational links between articles, caching, user levels, a WYSWYG HTML editor, XML feeds, article authentication, a plugin-based scripting language, and more.

Here are some key features of "Ncaster":

Modules: Modules in Ncaster are extremely easy to create, maintain, and edit.
Hubs: A somewhat different approach at related articles, this new method is vastly more flexible then a traditional relation system. It allows you to bind two articles together and use each others data on a single page. Hubs also act as a relation link, where you can list all related articles associated to a hub.
Powerful Custom Field Creation: Add an unlimited amount of custom fields. Choose from a single line field, multi-line box, ratio selection, or a custom drop-down list created before hand. Advanced filtering filters your results automatically based on your custom fields.
Build List Technology: Add an unlimited amount to custom fields. Control the number, appearance, type, and order in which you want your lists displayed. Choose whether to save to your database or to a text file.
Flexible Template System: Allows you to have full control over the look and feel of your site.
Cache System: Large sites demand speed, they need to load fast and feed out information to thousands. A dynamic system will just not cut it when it comes to the crunch, Ncaster uses a template caching system that is extremely fast (as low as 0.004) at storing, retrieving, and updating stored pre-rendered templates.
Staff System: Add or remove an unlimited number of staff members (four levels: Administrator, Editor, Agent, Guest). Each staff member has his or her own user profile.
Entity 2.0: Exclusive, versatile scripting language used in Ncaster templates. More clear and easy to use than php. Entity 2 is plugin based; new functionality can be added by just downloading new functions from the ncaster website.
WYSIWYG html editor: Features the raw essentials for posting articles. Can be disabled or enabled at any time.
Images: New to Ncaster is image resizing and image watermarking. You have the option to pick the transparent color, compression, and more.
XML Feed: Generate XML feeds. This allows other webmasters to use your content; a very effective way of advertising your site's content.
Search Engine Friendly: Some search engines do not index sites with dynamic content. Ncaster features some mod-rewrite code as well as short URLs.
Article Authentication - Each article posted by your members now can be authenticated before they appear on your site as published. This option can be disabled or enabled at any time.


Server: MySQL version 3x versions or above. PHP4 is a requirement. The latest versions of MySQL and PHP4, Linux operating system, and Apache web server are recommended.
User: A Java Script compatible browser (such as Netscape, Mozilla, Firebird, Opera, Internet Explorer) is recommended for the build list feature.

What's New in This Release:

RSS 2.0 support and custom field and field data creation when posting and editing articles.
Last updated on June 6th, 2006
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