NaviServer 4.99.1

NaviServer is a high performance web server written in C and Tcl.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
NaviServer Team
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
NaviServer is a high performance web server written in C and Tcl.

NaviServer can be easily extended in either language to create interesting web sites and services.

What's New in This Release:

New Features:

HTTP Range requests for streaming media and resuming downloads
Full Chunked encoding support for Fastpath, Adp and Tcl scripts
Using temporary files for large uploads when content exceeds pre-configured maxsize parameter
New spooler thread for handling large file uploads
New ns_upload_stats command to gather upload statistics
Added ns_conn responseversion to manually set response protocol and version to have full control about returned HTTP format
Add C-level support for TclVFS (all IO on files done with Tcl wrappers)
Add new command ns_atprestartup.
Add new command ns_runonce which ensures that the given script is run only once, either globally or per virtual server, during the lifetime of the server process.
New autogen/TEA3 compatible configuration
Add new command ns_logctl severity
Added many new test (this is an evolving effort)
Added support of binder as a separate process
Added ns_info started and ns_info shutdownpending commands
Add new Tcl command ns_register_fastpath
Added Tcl interface to C-level cache routines.
Added first traces of documentation based on Tcl doctools
New simplified deployment directory structure

Code Changes:

New function Ns_ConnPrintfHeaders() for adding NTTP headers in printf style
Allocate interps efficiently, max 1 per-thread per-server
Add Ns_TclLogErrorInfo and allow admin to configure which conenction headers to log for Tcl errors
Remove ns_markfordelete command and roll into ns_ictl as ns_ictl markfordelete
Make Tcl send panic messages to the server log.

Last updated on February 16th, 2006

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