Nanon 0.1

Nanon is the simple and spiffy site manager.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Telmo Menezes
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Nanon is the simple and spiffy site manager.

Sometimes you just need to create a simple, static site. Maybe it's for a small company or an open source project like this one. Or maybe you don't have time to maintain a blog and just want a personal homepage. In cases like these, why not avoid the complexities of content management systems and rely on good old HTML + CSS?

With modern CSS you can separate content from presentation. HTML becomes a joy to edit and maintain. Pure HTML/CSS sites are easy to backup, require nothing special of the server and you can't get any faster than that in terms of page rendering time!

The only problem left is templates and code reuse. Usually you will want your pages to have similar looks and structure (aka template). Also you will want to reuse elements across pages like menus and ad blocks. This is were nanon can help you. Take a look here to learn how to use it.

How to use

The concept of nanon is very simple: define a tag that allows you to place the content of a file anywhere in your HTML code. The tag is and it accepts the file parameter, where you specify the relative path to the file that you want to include. This way you can keep reusable code in separate files. A typical example is a navigation menu. All pages of the site are to display this menu. If they include it by the nanon tag, you only have to change the menu file and the nanon command will update the entire site.

Usage: ./nanon [-h -r] source_file ...


· Python 2.3 or greater

Last updated on January 31st, 2008


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