MyPhotoAlbum 3.2.2

MyPhotoAlbum is a web photo album in PHP.

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Tirs Abril
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MyPhotoalbum is a PHP software that allows to easily create and maintain photo albums in the World Wide Web.

The project was developed by Phill Kenoyer, starting more than four years ago, and he decided that the development was complete for his needs about two years and a half ago.

Then I (Tirs Abril) found it in Freshmeat and I really liked it, but I have some needs the program did not cover (i.e. multi-language, because some of my friends don't speak Spanish and some others don't speak English), so I decided to continue development.

It needs only a PHP-capable web server (at least Apache, not tested in others yet, please let me know the results if you try). No SQL databases nor any other software needed (well, maybe a text editor if you want to change the default settings and/or create the picture descriptions comfortably, but who doesn't have vi or notepad?).

It is multi-language, so you can create albums in serveral languages. Currently I include Spanish, English and Japanese, but you can easily add your own. See the directory MANUAL, especially the file USAGE, for details.

It allows a different "look-and-feel" (colour schemes, etc) for each album, or maybe just for a few "special" albums while the rest have a default look, via CSS files.

What's New in This Release:

Batch uploading and automatic resizing were added.
Batch uploading allows you to upload many images at once in the form of a zip file.
Automatic resizing means that uploaded images will be automatically resized down to a predefined (configurable) size if they are too big.

Last updated on January 29th, 2007

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