Minalyzer Lite 2007.05

Minalyzer Lite index and search tools to your internet or intranet website.

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Minalyzer Team
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Minalyzer Lite project index and search tools to your internet or intranet website. Minalyzer Lite supports user searches by indexing data from combinations of databases, file systems and websites. The project runs on almost all Operating Systems. It even copes with restrictive shared hosting.

Pump up your website with powerful search tools

· Standard search functionality through web forms.
· Advanced query options such as keyword forcing (+) and keyword exclusion (-).
· Targeted searches in single or multiple index collections.
· Summarized and highlighted results, properly paginated.
· Search by field or location within your website.
· Maintain high performance by running resource-intensive processes on remote computers.

Easy to integrate

· Fully customizable look and feel for seamless integration with your website.
· Tailored indexing, e.g. indexes files directly from a file system, from a dynamic website's database or by crawling the website; or by using a combination of all the three.
· Generates multiple index collections for different parts of your site, e.g. for FAQ, documentation, forums and blogs.
· Attractively priced custom programming service available for all of the above.
· Comes with a sample web application demonstrating integration with sites built using ASP. NET, PHP, Perl, and HTML (CGI-Scripts enabled).

Deployable across a range of environments

· Operating System/Platform independent.
· Works with most shared hosting accounts.
· Language independent - works with all web programming languages, e.g. ASP. NET, PHP, Perl, and HTML (CGI-Scripts enabled).
· Indexes portable between multiple Operating Systems, e.g. create and index in a Windows environment then transfer it to a Linux server.
· Indexing support for arc files generated by Heritrix Crawler.

Easy to install and administer

· Simple xcopy/ftp installation.
· No dependencies on other sites or companies - the executable runs locally.
· Tracks user search activity through detailed search logs.
· Optional web form interface for indexing.
· Works around web server restrictions by generating indexes locally and then uploading them.

What's New in This Release:

Features Added:

· Added reporting capabilities to generate pdf reports.
· Implemented Jericho HTML parser for HTML parsing.

Changes in this version:

· Enhanced example scripts to add more logging.

Last updated on June 20th, 2007

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