MicroAlbum 2.5a

A photo gallery script written in PHP, with an emphasis on simplicity, ease of installation and usage.

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What's new in MicroAlbum 2.5a:

  • Fixed a bug in the JSON album listing
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BSD License 
Gaby Vanhegan
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MicroAlbum project is a photo gallery script written in PHP, with an emphasis on simplicity, ease of installation and usage. It does not have a million features, nor does it have a thousand configurations, skins or plugins. It is intended to be small, simple and fast.

It works on the principle that you create one folder for each photo album, and you put the pictures you want into that folder. The script does the rest.

MicroAlbum offers some customisation features to let you change the look and feel of the album; you can add your own stylesheet, and customise the headers and footers.

Quick Installation

· Download and place the script in your web folder.
· Open the script and set base_folder, gen_folder and admin_pass.
· Create your albums, one per folder, inside base_folder.
· Create gen_folder, and ensure that the web server can write to it.
· All done!

Full Installation Guide

1. Download the micralbum.php script and save it somewhere in your webspace.
2. Open up the script in a text editor. At the top of the script you should be able to configure the script to suit. As a bare minimum, you should set:

- base_folder, the full path to the folder that contains your photo albums
- gen_folder, where generated previews and thumbnails go.

- admin_pass, required for editing albums and pictures.

3. Make sure that gen_folder exists in base_folder, and that the user that the web server runs as can write to this folder. For example, if your web server runs as user www, and that user is in group www, then this is advisable:

# mkdir generated/
# chgrp www generated/
# chmod g+w generated/

This creates the folder 'generated', changes it's group to www, and then allows users in group www to write to it. This will allow the webserver to save your thumbnail, previews and album data in this folder.

4. That's it. Now go to the page in a web browser and check that it works.

Last updated on July 16th, 2009

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