Mandrixx Java Slideshow 3.0

Mandrixx Java Slideshow is a powerful java slideshow applet.
Launay Nicolas
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Mandrixx Java Slideshow is a powerful java slideshow applet, very easy to include in your website, to make a presentation of your products or display your personal photo album on your web.

just put it somewhere in your web site directory and it will display the pictures (jpeg or gif format) in the order you want and at the best size possible. you can run the applet in fullscreen, or in a window of any size, and the photos will be resized automatically, with bilinear filtering, and realtime black&white or sepia filter.

if you put the mouse over the window, a control panel will appear, you can pause, go back and play the slide show with it. this panel can be removed. you can also assign web adresses to the images you display, and choose the html target.

For the most experienced users, MJS can be controlled from Javascript, allowing you to switch to another picture list or change filtering on the fly.

MJS can read any .jpg or .gif file over the net and you can read images in different directories or display twice the same image just by editing a simple text file, or generate the list with php. It can handle thousands of images of any resolution and color depth.

Everything can be set, from the timing between two photos to the capability to control the slideshow. a nice caption for each picture can be added, and you have crossfading transitions between the images. you can also change the control panel graphics.


The testing version is limited to 5 images, you can order a registration key below and make a safe payment with PayPal or Moneybookers.

What's New in This Release:

Realtime color filters were added, like sepia or black and white.
JavaScript interaction was added, so you can now deal with many lists of photos and change these on the fly and update the HTML content from the slideshow.

Last updated on May 12th, 2006

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