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MBSE Bulletin Board System is a full Fidonet-capable ANSI BBS package.




MBSE Bulletin Board System is a full Fidonet-capable ANSI BBS package including a mailer (ifcico clone), tosser, ticfile processor, filefind, and other utilities. It supports fully configurable ANSI menus, multiple languages, IEMSI, standard file transfer protocols, and native Linux doors.

The mailer supports the FTS-0001, YooHoo/2U2, EMSI protocols over modem, and the TCP/IP Binkp and IFC protocols, Zedzap, Zmodem, Telink, and Hydra file transfer protocols. Full FTN mail support, including automatic routing for hub and host systems, is included. A Fidonet/Internet gateway is also built-in. The internal mail format is JAM (c) messagebase, and there is full tic file support, including extended tic files.

Here are some key features of "MBSE Bulletin Board System":

Supported platforms:
Linux intel 486 and better CPU's.
Linux Sparc.
Linux Alpha (not fully tested).
Linux HP-PARISC, tested with Debian 3.0 and Slackware (homebrew).
Linux PPC.
FreeBSD, tested with FreeBSD 5.3.
NetBSD, tested on a Sun Sparcstation 2.
32 and 64 bit systems.

The BBS supports:
ANSI menus.
Standard filetransfer protocols: Zmodem, Ymodem, Xmodem.
Writes door.sys and door32.sys files in several formats.
Native Linux doors.
DOS doors supported via DosEmu.
Telnet support using it's own login program.
BlueWave and QWK offline readers.
Users have their own home directories with quota support.
Users can have their own email address and have private mail boxes.
Multilanguage support, currently English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Galego.

FidoNet mailer:
Support for FTS-0001, YooHoo/2U2, EMSI, EMSI-II over modem/ISDN and TCP/IP.
Zmodem, ZedZap, Telink and Hydra file transfer protocols.
Support for binkp/1.1 (IBN), ifcico (IFC) and telnet (ITN) TCP/IP protocols.
Support for passive FTP connections.
Support for nodes private outbound boxes.
Support for T-Mail style file boxes.
Can be used together with other Binkley style outbound mailers (but why).
Outbound manager to create polls, attach files, request files etc.
Automatic selection of the cheapest connection method.
Zlib compression for Hydra and Binkp protocols to increase throughput.
Binkp GZ and BZ2 compression protocols.
Support for the ICM nodelist flag, FSP-1033.

Full FidoNet(r) mail support.
Automatic routing for node/hub/host systems, manual routing is available.
Internal mail format is JAM (c) messagebase.
TIC file support including extended TIC files and long filename support.
Netmail email gateway.
Echomail news gateway.
Can send messages in *.msg format.
Support for UUCP newstransport.
Nodelist diff processor and compiler.
Filefind (Allfix) and newfiles announce utility.
Allfiles list utility.
Maintenance programs for file- and message areas.
Post utility to automatic post messages.
HTTP and FTP support for download areas.
NNTP support so that registered users can use echomail with a news client.
Macro templates to create a personal look for posted messages and html pages.

What's New in This Release:

Major feature enhancements
Last updated on May 10th, 2006
MBSE Bulletin Board SystemMBSE Bulletin Board SystemMBSE Bulletin Board System

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