Luxilla 1.0b8

Luxilla is a tool for running XUL files.
Luxilla is a "runtime" that turns Luxor XUL markup into live windows, dialogs, menus, toolbars and more without requiring a single-line of Java code.

Pass on the chrome folder holding your XUL markup to Luxilla and see the XUL markup come to life.


java luxilla c:/sandbox/luxilla/src/samples/chrome-calc

Running Luxilla

Before you can start Luxilla you need to download all required libraries and set up your classpath.

Get the luxor-libs package at or use the libraries bundled with Ramses - the Luxor XUL example suite. (The libraries don't ship with Luxilla to keep the download size small.)

Once you got all libraries fix up your classpath. Here's the jar line-up required for Luxilla:

* luxor-1.0-b8.jar
* rachel-2.0-b2.jar
* salsa-1.0-b1.jar
* houston-1.0-b1.jar
* caramel-1.0-b1.jar
* apollo-1.0-b1.jar
* cypress-1.0-b1.jar
* jdom-1.0-b8.jar
* velocity-1.3-rc1.jar
* collections-2.0.jar
* saxpath-1.0.jar
* jaxen-1.0.jar

Now you're ready to roll. Use the class luxilla or luxor.runner.Tool for startup and pass on the the chrome folder holding your XUL files as the one and only command line argument.


java luxilla c:/sandbox/luxilla/src/samples/chrome-calc
java luxor.runner.Tool c:/sandbox/luxilla/src/samples/chrome-calc

last updated on:
May 5th, 2005, 13:04 GMT
developed by:
Gerald Bauer
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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