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YouTube audio extractor
LuckyTubes is a command-line tool to find, download, and rip audio from YouTube videos. Its main goals are simplicity, low development overhead, and cross-platform usability, in that order. It resembles clive, but it is targeted at playing music that just happens to have a video on YouTube.


LuckyTubes interprets all its command arguments as search terms for YouTube videos. For example, luckytubes rickroll will retrieve the first video on YouTube matching the search term "rickroll" (sans quotes), save it to ~/.luckytubes, extract the (probably MP3) audio track with ffmpeg, and add the resulting MP3 to your Amarok playlist. Use the -b option to get the high-quality version, which might have better (AAC) audio.


 * YouTube
 * Google Data APIs Python Client Library (included)
 * jython-elementtree (link coming soon, I'm doing a huge compile and can't open Firefox) (included)
 * FFmpeg needs to be on your PATH.
 * youtube-dl is included.
 * Amarok
 * Python 2.2 or later; will ship with Jython soonish.

last updated on:
October 28th, 2009, 2:30 GMT
developed by:
Scott Wolchok
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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