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Extendable Business Process Management Application




Lokai is a flexible business process management utility that enables teams to work together, and places those teams in the context of a wider business. A single instance of the tool can handle as many projects or tasks as required, with no need to deploy separate project or process specific environments that cannot share data.

The tool freely mixes documentation, activity management and data access in ways that are appropriate to the project, process or task in hand. There is no constraint on how this might be done, and different tasks or projects may use different arrangements within the same environment.

Access management allows people to see and manipulate data in ways that are appropriate to their role and work. Team members may work on more than one task or project. Managers may manage more than one project. A person can be a team member on one project and a manager on another.

The key to this flexibility is a hierarchical data model with interlinking between sub-trees. The structure and the links are fully user controlled.

Lokai is a web served application, written in Python.

The code itself is written in an extendable manner that allows a great deal of flexibility in the type of data represented, and in the presentation of that data. Each node in the hierarchy can be different. At its simplest, this allows for activities and documentation to be held in the same structure, so that everything relevant to the project or process is to hand. Whatever data is being handled, the user is presented with a consistent interface where access rules and navigation are given.
Last updated on December 19th, 2011

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