Lohimedia 0.4.0

Lohimedia is a wiki based on the open source model of development.

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The Apache License 2.0 
Lohimedia Team
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Lohimedia project is a wiki based on the open source model of development.

Instead of allowing anyone to edit and release any article, users must first prove themselves by making useful contributions. If the user proves trustworthy, she will gain more and more privileges.

To run Lohimedia, install Ruby on Rails and follow the run and configuration instructions for a project with Ruby on Rails.

Lohimedia is currently set up to use mysql. As far as I know, there is no reason you couldn't use another database.

To setup your database, create the databases lohimedia_development, lohimedia_test, and lohimedia_production. Then, execute Lohimedia/db/lohimedia-create.sql and Lohimedia/db/lohimedia-data.sql using each of the previously created databases.

Don't forget to edit the Lohimedia/config/database.yml file for your database configuration.

At this point, Lohimedia should be up an running. An admin account comes automatically with Lohimedia. The user name is "admin" and the password is "admin".

Depending on how you have Rails set up, Lohimedia will have different root urls. In my case it's localhost, so in the following urls, replace localhost with your root url.

Interesting urls (replace [lohimedia] with the hostname and port you're running rails):


What's New in This Release:

Updated docs to use migration.
Added migrations.
Added a method to list articles with release candidates or changes.
Added convert wiki button to edit page.
Created link methods for most pages in lohimedia.
Continued work on lohimedia.css.
Added link bars to admin pages, user pages, home pages, and layouts.
Fixed some cross site scripting security bugs.
Added some help text to the show release page and show development page.
Added lohimedia.css.
Created a generic list of links.
Titles can now be set per page.
Added a bunch of helper methods for creating links.
Fixed more merge bugs.

Last updated on October 2nd, 2006

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