Limb3 2007.3

Limb is an OpenSource PHP framework aimed for rapid web application development.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
Pavel Shevaev
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
Limb is an OpenSource PHP framework aimed for rapid web application development.

We are committed proponents of beautiful and easy-to-maintain code that simply works. That is why we develop and constantly refactor Limb code in a test driven manner using the best agile development practices.

The latest version of framework is Limb3 which consists of many reusable components distributed as packages on Limb3 PEAR channel.

The previous version Limb2 is a PHP4 compatible framework for building web sites with rich and easy-to-update content. In acknowledgement of the original approach in 2004 Limb2 got the 3d place in Zend Contest. However nowadays Limb2 development is almost frozen since the core dev. team is mostly focused on Limb3. Someday Limb2 will be a simply package of the more general Limb3 framework.

Here are some key features of "Limb3":

PHP-5.2 compatibility
lmbActiveRecord better inheritance and value objects support
DATASOURCE package cruft cleanup and unification
merge of DATASOURCE and CLASSKIT packages into CORE package
new FS package(merging FILE_SCHEMA and UTIL packages)
new LOG package(extracted from ERROR package)
TREE package code overhaul and new features(nested sets driver is available again)
more friendly error subsystem
form errors better implementation
TESTS_RUNNER improved CLI and phpSpikesCoverage support
LIMB_VAR_DIR dependency removal from base classes
reimplementation of CALENDAR package using better JavaScript alternative
DATETIME package cleanup and misc improvements
initial TinyMC support in WYSIWYG package
FCKEditor updated to 2.4.2
WACT better expressions support
SQLite DB driver
DBAL package refactoring and cleanup, lmbDBAL is a central facade for accessing mis. tools in a package
JS package cleanup, moving to jQuery instead of Prototype
more isolated packages tests

What's New in This Release:

PHP 5.2 compatibility was added.
Better inheritance and value objects support was implemented for lmbActiveRecord.
A new FS package was added, which merges the FILE_SCHEMA and UTIL packages.
A new LOG package was extracted from the ERROR package.
The TREE package code was overhauled and new features were added.
The error subsystem was made more friendly.
The CLI and phpSpikesCoverage support of TESTS_RUNNER were improved.
The CALENDAR package was reimplemented using a better JavaScript alternative.
Initial TinyMC support was added in the WYSIWYG package.
FCKEditor was updated to 2.4.2.
An SQLite DB driver was added.

Last updated on July 17th, 2007

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