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Lightstreamer Server Moderato is a free web-based application based off of the Comet paradigm and designed to stream real-time data to any Web browser.

Lightstreamer Server Moderato stream data without installing anything on the client. It is compatible with HTML, Flex, AJAX, AIR, and Silverlight clients, as well as Java, .NET, and iPhone applications.

The application has been successfully used in many mission-critical production systems, where low network impact, scalability, adaptive streaming, bandwidth management, and other advanced features, were proven fundamental.

Lightstreamer Server Moderato features very high scalability, TCP-level optimization, true push/streaming, stream-sense and smart polling, AJAX zero-client support, authentication and fine-grained user permissions, max frequency per Item (updates/second), max concurrent users, and frequency control.

Among other highlights, we can mention adaptive streaming and congestion control, heuristic frequency management for Web clients, pre-filtering, multiple subscription modes (MERGE, DISTINCT, COMMAND, RAW), selector mechanism, event customization, backward communication, support for Unicode data push, server installation as a standalone process, flexible adapter-based server integration, multiple data adapter support, basic HTML monitoring console, and push export of server statistics.
Last updated on October 11th, 2013
Lightstreamer Server ModeratoLightstreamer Server Moderato

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A free, scalable and reliable server for pushing live data to Rich Internet Applications


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