Leonardo 0.7.0

Leonardo is an extensible content management system written in Python.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
James Tauber
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
Leonardo is an extensible content management system written in Python. Leonardo is architected in a REST-like style and initially focused on providing for personal websites with a password-protected wiki and blog (including Atom feed).

It can be run as CGI and uses the filesystem as a database.

What's New in This Release:

support for Atom 1.0
comments optionally can require answering a simple question to reduce spamming
site owner can optionally be emailed when new comments are made
pages now record their author which is displayed on the page, in blog lists and atom feeds
there is now a provider which lists blog months
it is now possible to update a page or its properties without the last modified changing
comments can be deleted if logged in
formatting of comments is improved by translating newlines to br
the main page template is now in LFS
home page link is now part of menu rather than template to give user more control
subtitle is now completely formatted in page template to give user more control
copyright_holder changed to general rights statement
removed stray ) in draft template causing malformed html
delete page no longer has duplicate headings
template files now have provider name in the filename
leonardo library now in Python package to avoid name clashes
after delete there is now a link to return to deleted resource's parent
switched from using shelve to pickle (shelve was causing problems for people moving between different systems with different anydbm implementations)
files are now written in binary mode to avoid problems on Windows
fixed bug where question mark in permalink wasn't getting escaped

Last updated on March 16th, 2006

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