Lcal 2.0.0

Lcal is a multi-platform program which generates full-year PostScript lunar (moon phase) calendars.

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Lcal is a multi-platform (Unix/Linux, DOS, DOS+DJGPP, Windows+Cygwin) program which generates full-year PostScript lunar (moon phase) calendars in a 2-page format, a compressed 1-page format, or an ''odd-days-only'' 1-page format.

Lcal is run from the command line.

What's New in This Release:

· Added a brand new calendar format (see Figure 6, below). This new format is a 1-page format showing only the odd days in a month. This allows an entire month to be displayed on a single 'US letter'-sized page without having to compress the output, as is currently done with the '-S' option. (The original method of 1-page output [using '-S'] will still be supported too.)
· Added support for DOS (includes DOS under Windows) and DOS+DJGPP build environments. Clarified that DOS/Windows+Cygwin is supported too.
· Removed support for Vax/VMS and Amiga.
· Fixed the 'timezone' bugs as described in the 'Bugs/Problems in (now-obsolete) Pcal 4.9.1' section (see the link in the 'Notes On Obsolete Releases of Pcal' section, above). (These bugs apply to both pcal and lcal.)
· Fixed the longstanding problem whereby the PostScript output did not include page enumerations, thereby preventing PostScript viewer applications (e.g. 'gv') from properly paging between the first and second pages on the 2-page calendar format.
· Completely overhauled to eliminate the dependency on the external PostScript source file and on the program to perform 'PostScript to C header file' conversion. This substantially reduces overall source code size. Furthermore, it simplifies and more clearly highlights the differences between portrait and landscape orientations.

Last updated on August 14th, 2006

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